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Administrators, also called sysops - short for system operators, are editors that have access to technical features that help keep Wikipedia running smoothly. They have access to these features because they are meant to be trusted by the community, but this does not make them better or more important than anybody else. The opinion of an administrator, for example, should not be more valid than the opinion of a person who chooses to edit Wikipedia with an IP address because they have administrator rights.

Things administrators can do:

If you would like to become an administrator, please create a nomination request in this section, but please look at the archives first so you can see why other people's requests have failed or succeeded. Jimbo Wales, the founder of the Wikimedia Foundation, said "this should be no big deal".


An automated list of accounts with bureaucrat status is available at Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat.

A bureaucrat is a slightly higher administrative level that can perform a few additional functions. Bureaucrats can give administrator or bureaucrat status to other users following a successful request on this page. Bureaucrats can also help users who want to change user names. They can also "flag" bots, which means to hide their contributions from the new changes and put them in the bot group. Requests for name changes should be made directly to the talk page of one of the listed bureaucrats.

List of administrators

An automated list of accounts with admin status is available at Special:Listadmins.

Nominations and requests to be an administrator/bureaucrat

Current issues and requests

Users can contact administrators on this page to ask them to protect pages. Requests for deletion should be made on Wikipedia:Requests for deletion and requests for blocking on Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress.

All administrators should watch this section for issues that they should be aware of and for news about policy changes that may affect them.

See his request here.

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