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Photo of Jupiter from Voyager 1

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. It is the gas giant, which means it is made of gas. It is the biggest planet in the Solar System. Its mass is very large, so large that its mass is bigger than the total amount of mass from the other seven planets of the Solar System put together. It is named after one of the mythological Roman gods.

By 2003, 63 moons had been found around Jupiter. It has 16 big moons. The four biggest moons are the Galilean moons; ay are named Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Jupiter's atmosphere and size gives it very high ground pressure levels. If the space craft was sent into Jupiter, it would be crushed in seconds. This is the main reason why so little is known about what is under its atmosphere.Jupiter also has 1 thin ring.

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