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"String theory does not make predictions that can be tested by scientists."

Well, that's not quite true. You can take the 10 or 11 dimensional abstractions of string theory and use them to generate nice 3d-over-time predictions. But this does not prove that the string theory has actually predicted anything that some simpler theory would not also predict.

Ok, I'll leave someone else to explain that in the article. Physics isn't really my thing. A

"It can not be proven or disproven. Some people say this makes it unscientific, like psychology."

That's not quite true either. There are many branches of psychology which make testable predictions, notably cognitive psychology and perceptual psychology. Evolutionary psychology, combining the two with a lot of physical anthropology, also makes predictions that can be tested. One notable one is that abuse by step-parents will be greater than abuse by biological parents (both are rare). This was predicted by psychologists based on Hamilton's Rule and only afterwards was the data compiled.

I meant people say that about psychology as well, not that's it is true of psychology. It was a bit of a bit of a pointless comparision anyway so I took it out. A

Cosmology and Simple English Reading in Cosmology should both link to this string theory article, at least when it's ready.


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