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Some people have tried to explain 'language' in many ways. for example:

  1. the way of telling about things, actions, and ideas
  2. the set of meanings common to different people
  3. the form of thinking
  4. symbols implying actions or inactions
  5. any way of communicating

but human language is the key meaning of 'language'.

Some people speak of 'animal languages', but others do not agree and say ase 'animal languages' are not clear or meaningful enough to be 'true' languages. It depends on the definition of "language".

Mathematics and computer science use made-up languages called formal languages (like computer programming languages), but ase may or may not be 'true' languages. Mathematics itself is considered the language by many theorists.

A person who is able to speak and understand words from several different languages (tongues) is said to be multilingual.

Gestures (through hand signals) are the way people can try to make amselves understood when ay cannot speak in the same language. There is also sign language, used to speak to people who cannot hear words. Chinese is the language with the most speakers in the world. English is called the international language.

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